How much does it cost?

It cost me USD$50 as an entry fee. (Totally worth it might I add). My debit card wasn’t working while I was there (turns out lots of people have this problem when they arrive in Antigua so do remember to call your bank before you leave home) so I used my credit card which was fine. The point is, you can either pay by cash or card when you get here. They take USD$ but you can pay in ECD (East Caribbean Dollars).

Source:  Hand Luggage Only

What’s it like to swim with the stingrays?

As soon as you arrive, you get the chance to interact with them. The stingrays here are wild but I reckon they’ve gotten so used to people coming here that they aren’t shy at all (especially if you have food). You actually get driven out to the middle of the Caribbean Sea (though not to far out) where it’s calm and sandy to see the stingrays. The stinger on the stingray is what everyone is concerned about and I’ll be honest here, they do have stinger and they can sting you but they tend to do this when they’re stepped on so the first thing you’ll learn about as soon as you arrive is how to do the stingray shuffle! The stingray shuffle essentially involves walking backways without lifting your feet. If you come close to any stingrays, they will swim away from you long before you get there. After a couple of seconds of doing this, the stingrays know you’re here and you’re free to walk around like you usually would.

What do you need to take with you?

1.) Sunscreen – there’s no shade here (nor should there be) so slather on the sunscreen before you arrive.

2.) Swimwear – there are changing rooms here so just chuck it into a bag and head on down

3.) Dry clothes – unless you plan on waiting for your clothes to dry or you plan on jumping into your car in wet clothes, it’s definitely advisable to bring extra clothes with you.

4.) Underwater camera

Don’t worry about snorkelling gear here or shoes. You’ll be given the snorkelling gear and you’ll have any footwear taken off you before you board the boat.